ssLogo-square SharpSpring is an innovative, entrepreneurial company that is transforming the way digital marketing is done. We are pioneering the marketing automation and email marketing industry and we’re growing.

We're looking for people who like working in small teams, but are excited about being part of a global organization. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, take ownership of your work, and want to be part of a community of pioneering minds, you’ve found the right place.

At SharpSpring, you won’t be another cog in a giant wheel. You’ll work on small collaborative teams, interacting with all levels of employees. There is a synergetic vibe here, so you’ll probably have a buddy to walk for coffee or a snack. Co-workers quickly become friends (even bandmates). We have the unique atmosphere of a startup coupled with an established customer base and the foundation for explosive growth.

And here is what our leaders have to say.

Hey there. Thanks for checking out SharpSpring. We are very proud and humbled to be leading this company. It long since outgrew us and it truly belongs to the dedicated team members that work here everyday. That environment is a huge contributor to our success. We are attracting the best and the brightest – people who are engaged and want to provide exceptional products and service to clients. Sound cool? If so, we’d like to meet you personally to see if you’ll fit into our team. Come on over to the next Buzz event or send us a resume. We’re growing like crazy and you might fit right in.


Rick Carlson, CEO
Travis Whitton, CTO
Ed Lawton, CFO


It's kind of cool how our products and our culture mirror each other.

Marketing automation platforms used to be out of reach to small and medium sized businesses. SharpSpring is breaking that boundary, allowing all companies to access the best technology and compete. At the same time, we're the little guy - competing with companies 10 times the size of us and winning. That underdog mentality is at the core of our culture.

At SharpSpring, you'll find people who are committed to producing every day. Here's what you won't find: "no" people, "we've always done it this way" guy, politics, slackers and dead weight. We're supportive of each other, all working to achieve. Our company is transparent, and our leadership is present and working at the same crazy pace. We hire slowly, looking for the right people. Around the office, you'll see a lot of fun, cool people working hard. We're serious but casual, respectful but not uptight. There are a lot of smiling people in these pictures, and rest assured the smiles are genuine. We care about our community and in addition to executive volunteering and mentoring, we are committed to Giving Back as often as we can.

SharpSpring is for you, no matter if you are a...

Senior Software Developer
“At SharpSpring, you can see your direct impact on the growth and direction of the company and are able to get immediate feedback from customers, managers and executives alike. Its great to be a part of a situation where you know your worth and you know your contributions are valued.”
Senior Project Manager
"I love being surrounded by the smart, creative people at SharpSpring. We have the freedom to improvise and try new things, and working here challenges me to learn more and grow everyday."
VP Business Development
“The best part of working here is the strong SharpSpring community - it's like working with your best friends. Everyone is here to make a difference, not just a paycheck. Being a part of SharpSpring makes me feel proud that I'm working with so many driven and talented people to deliver an incredible product.”

We’re accountable to our customers — real people working to grow their companies. We are committed to helping customers achieve success.

Here are some things that set us apart from other shops:

Product, Not Client Work

Forget one-off projects. At SharpSpring, you can make a lasting, tangible impact. You’ll be on a dedicated team that develops and nurtures our platform. The code you write doesn’t sit on a shelf — it is used by real people so you see the immediate results of your contributions.

Development at Scale

Our server infrastructure is distributed across the globe, and our unique clustering architecture processes many millions of impressions per day. We use the latest container-driven technologies to dynamically scale our network, and if you're a data geek, our automation engine is a data playground that you're sure to love.

Cool Technology

To keep our teams challenged and offer the best to our clients we work with the latest technologies. Some of our favorites are Docker, Kubernetes, CoreOS, Golang, Clojure, ElasticSearch, Redis, Sphinx, Backbone.js, Node.js and Nginx. And sometimes we go old school with Linux, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Memcached and LAMP Stack.


In addition to having a casual, friendly workplace, we like to have a few extras to keep our team feeling good.

Company Lunch
Twice a month, we bring in lunch for employees to make their Friday just a little bit happier.

Feeling stressed? Chill out with a massage. A massage therapist drops by every week to help us work out the kinks.

Happy Hour
Every other week, we host Buzz - a happy hour event where all Gainesville IT professionals are invited for some tasty beverages and camaraderie.
Car Detailing
Need a car detail? We have a guy come to the office for that, too.


In the Heart of Downtown Gainesville

SharpSpring is headquartered in Gainesville - Florida, a vibrant, high growth city in North Central Florida. Gainesville has the feel of a small university town with a thriving business community.

The region is a nature lover’s paradise, with a lush landscape and abundant eco-tourism. Our state-of-the-art headquarters building is located in downtown Gainesville in the heart of Innovation Square. It’s adjacent to a bike trail and within walking distance of several restaurants and coffee shops.