Site Reliability Engineer-Database Specialist – Gainesville, FL

Position Listed - Tue, October 10, 2017

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Job Description

The Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) Database Specialist will be a key member of SharpSpring’s Systems Team, which is responsible for all of the backend systems that power the SharpSpring web application. The SRE in this role will specifically focus on the availability, durability, performance, and scalability of the company’s databases.

This role requires many of the skills of a traditional Database Administrator (DBA), but also skills and experience working with “NoSQL” databases like MongoDB. The SRE in this role will be expected to work collaboratively with agile development teams and other SREs, facilitating the creation of new features by focusing on capacity planning and performance. Further, the SRE will help identify existing performance problems, implement optimizations, and lead the implementation of new database clustering and sharding strategies, data warehousing and other data initiatives.

When there’s no database-specific work to be done, the SRE will assist the Systems team with general system administration duties. Therefore, general Linux system administration interest, skills, and experience are required for this position.

This position will require participation in the team’s on-call rotation, which means that occasionally you’ll be asked to be available for emergencies outside of normal office hours (which are roughly 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM). As the database specialist, you may be asked to be on-call for database-specific emergencies, which are infrequent. By adding you to the team, the goal is to keep these kinds of emergencies rare.

Required Qualifications

  • Three years of production MySQL experience, including administration duties, performance tuning, and query profiling and optimization.
  • At least one year of production MongoDB experience, including administration duties, performance tuning, and query profiling and optimization.
  • Professional Linux system administration experience.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with large MySQL databases (somewhere around 1TB, including indexes).
  • Experience working with highly available systems at scale.
  • MySQL sharding experience.
  • MongoDB sharding experience.
  • Experience with Kubernetes and Docker.
  • Professional programming experience using PHP, Python, or Go.

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